What is iPeekCam?

iPeekCam turns your mac computer's webcams or iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) device's build-in camera into a wireless security camera station.  You can view it anywhere in the world using a web browser, with no viewing software to install.

iPeekCam supports sophisticated security features such as Motion Detection, Night Vision, Automatic Recording, Email Notification and DVR (Mac version only).  It provides a professional grade security camera solution using your existing computers, mobile devices, and network.  There is no additional hardware to purchase or install.

iPeekCam in action


Feature Comparison

  iPeekCam for Mac
Web Browser Viewing
Local Viewing Full Resolution
Remote WWW Viewing Full Resolution
Multiple Camera Support (if Available)
Adjustable Resolution (if Available)
Passcode Protection
Night Vision Mode
High Contrast Mode
Grayscale Mode
Continuous Recording
Motion Detector
E-Mail Notification
Automatic Recording
Remote Viewing of Recorded Videos
IP Cam Support JPEG and MJPEG
Built-in IP Cams More Than 1000
Composite Viewing